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    MY KEY is the author’s account of his achievements. He writes about the long way he has come from a hospital orderly and factory handyman…

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    Borsch is not only delicious, aromatic, healthy, but indeed a cult dish. It has been well said that “Life without borsch is like fish soup…

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    In Rus little children were taught how to cook. The children, especially the girls, always helped the mother when she baked fragrant bread, pampushky, or…

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    ассорти из сала 3  

    Salo (pork lard) is perhaps on top of the list of the national Ukrainian cuisine. Its popularity was always so great that it became one…


Bread is the Staff of Life

Many Christian holidays (Christmas, Maslenitsa, Easter, etc.) are associated with the tradition of baking. We like baked goods because they taste good, smell homey, and look enticing. The aroma of freshly baked breads fills the house with warmth and brightens up the atmosphere. No wonder people say: “It is not the outward appearance or splendor that makes a house nice, but the hospitable hosts.



Culinary Maturity Reached! Korchma Celebrated Its 18th Birthday.

It seems not long ago we opened our first restaurant and started to learn the intricacies of the culinary market in Moscow. However, the time passed incredibly quickly! We have already celebrated 18 years of our work. Needless to say how proud all our staff members were to celebrate such an occasion taking into account that the chain of our restaurants consists of eighteen establishments in Moscow, Kyiv, and New York.



Easter: Culinary Traditions around the World

In many countries around the world, Easter holidays are marked with a loud and fun celebration. Moreover, celebrations are not limited to going to a church service. Some peoples, for example Nigerians, organize colorful Easter carnivals. A significant part of the celebration is preserving Easter culinary traditions, which are very diverse.



Goodbye My Old Life ‒ Hello Asia!

I want to make it clear from the very beginning: I am not an avid traveler able to survive with just Spartan amenities. My parents didn’t go hiking with me in a backpack and didn’t teach me to put up a tent before I even learned to use a toilet. I had a totally sheltered childhood. I was protected from everything that could scare me ‒ a little innocent girl, or even worse, anything that could take me out of my comfort zone.



Between Heaven and Hell: The Mysterious Life of Mykola Gogol

There is probably no other more mysterious writer in Russian literature than Mykola Gogol. His heritage consists оf dozens of immortal short stories and phrases that have long been famous. No less interesting than his literary works is his biography as Gogol is remembered as one of the most mysterious writers in the world.



Жан Рено в гостях у Корчмы

He rejected the role of agent Smith in the extremely popular movie The Matrix, but could not abstain from Ukrainian borscht and varenyky. The list of our celebrity guests just grew longer by one more star.