Eat Salo and Stay Healthy!

Salo (pork lard) is perhaps on top of the list of the national Ukrainian cuisine. Its popularity was always so great that it became one of the components of the Ukrainian culture. This is the product Ukrainians are associated with in the world. A lot of Ukrainian songs and anecdotes featuring salo add folk peculiarity to its theme. However, it should be noted that it became the Ukrainian pride because of its taste and healthy properties.

Salo is famous for its healing properties. This fact is proven by a number of scientific studies. Thus, salo is rich in vitamin F that anchors vessels. It contains polyunsaturated arachidonic acid which doesn’t occur in vegetable oils, however is necessary for heart muscle strengthening and improvement of brain activity. Immune reactions of the body also depend on arachidonic acid. Salo can prevent cancer and eliminate toxins from the body. The Ukrainian national product is rich in vitamins A, E, D, carotene and selenium microelement. And in winter our body especially needs these vitamins.

The best time to eat salo is morning, because besides vitamins it will give you a huge energy boost. Salo stimulates a discharge of bilis accumulated over the night in the body and facilitates its clearance. The irony is that salo normalizes the level of cholesterol, is well digested and doesn’t affect liver. A small piece of salo before a meal covers the walls of a stomach with a thin film of fat, slowing up the absorption of alcohol and weakening intoxication. Salo goes will with alcohol since spirits help to digest fat quickly and break it down into components.

Salo is not fattening if only you do not to overeat it. Food prepared with this kind of fat is healthier than food cooked in refined oil. The salted or pickled salo is the most valuable. Daily amount for an adult person is 9-12 g of salo, but not more if you want it to provide benefit. Salo is widely used as a medicinal product, especially in case of toothache. For this it is necessary to put a small piece of salo on an aching tooth for half an hour. Pork fat mixed with salt is also helpful in cases of joint injuries. This warming mixture is applied with hermetic seal in order to relieve pain and speed up the recovery.

Salo has a property to protect skin. To protect it from cold and wind, it is necessary to grease the open parts of the body. Pork fat can also come in handy to sun-seekers. It helps to get perfect suntan and avoid sunburn.

Consumption of salo in reasonable portions is highly effective virus preventive treatment, especially in winter. Qualities of salo are doubled if eaten with garlic. Garlic in its turn also contains a range of healthful substances. These are phytoncids that possess the qualities of killing bacteria or suppressing its growth. Garlic is also called a natural antibiotic, it is effective both in prevention of ARVI and oncological diseases. The garlic is rich in vitamins C and PP, also in quercetin, bioflavonoid that thins the blood and inhibits blood clot formation. Besides, just like salo, it reduces the level of cholesterol in blood.

You can taste the best national product in ‘Korchma ‘Taras Bulba’. We offer a wide range of salo: with garlic, pickled cucumbers, cabbage and slices of rye bread. In addition you can order either vodka or liqueur. In the atmosphere of cozy Ukrainian house prevailing in ‘Korchma’, we offer you to savor the best Ukrainian salo and wish you to stay healthy!

Interesting facts about salo:

-          Energy value of salo makes up 770 kcal per 100 g, that is equal to a kilogram of boiled potato or more than a half kilogram of chicken meat.

-          Italy is considered to be the birthplace of salo. It was the place where three thousand years ago there was started an idea to use pork fat as a cheap caloric food for slaves working at quarries.

-          In the years of the Second World War, Soviet soldiers suffering from food shortage and means of its storage survived on alcohol, hard bread and salo.

-          Sledge runners were lubricated with salo. It was also used for lubricating a ship’s bottom before launching it on water. For example, the frigate ‘Saint Nicholas’ used 130 pounds of the liquefied fat.

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