Жан Рено в гостях у Корчмы

He rejected the role of agent Smith in the extremely popular movie The Matrix, but could not abstain from Ukrainian borscht and varenyky. The list of our celebrity guests just grew longer by one more star. Internationally famous actor Jean Reno, who is best known among movie enthusiasts for the movie Leon in which he brilliantly played the main role, visited our American Korchma on Broadway. In our restaurant, the eminent Frenchman not only satiated his hunger, but also took several pictures with the staff and received a present from the house – a Russian matryoshka doll with a picture of the American president Donald Trump.



Jean Reno was very much satisfied with his visit to the Korchma and admitted that he enjoyed Slavic cuisine very much. We believe that he was sincere in his compliments. The actor has long been known as an exquisite gourmand. In several interviews, he admitted that he could become a chef.


“Yes, I can become a chef. For me, food is very important. I cannot eat alone. I always need company. It’s strange, isn’t it? Eating is a process of communication. What’s more, it is so intimate that all your feelings come from your heart. One more sacred process for me is cooking for those I love, or whose favorite dishes I know very well.”

Jean Reno

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