Renat Laishev, director of school of Sambo-70: Steven Seagal showed a photo from Korchma to Putin

During the entire year Korchma Taras Bulba supported league s-70 which held MMA fights. This work ended in august in Sochi with a grandiose finale attended by Vladimir Putin and Steven Seagal. «Bulba news» asked the organizer of League S-70, director of Sambo-70 school Renat Laishev, about the event and his plans for the future.


In your opinion, was the first finals of S-70 League successful?

In Sochi the event was held at the top level. We succeeded in everything: the team of judoists fought really well, Vladimir Putin was in good mood, Steven Seagal was welcomed at top level, and there were other nice moments there, too.


How did it happen that Seagal showed up at the event?

He was invited by Vladimir Putin as his own personal friend. President’s protocol asked us to welcome Seagal as honorary guest of the finals. We asked our friends from different organizations, including Korchma Taras Bulba, and organized an excellent reception for Seagal in Moscow. Due to this I would like to express my gratitude to Korchma – the entire company, management and staff for warm welcome that Steven Seagall received in your restaurant. We took pictures of Seagal’s stay in your restaurant and presented him with a beautiful photo album, which he and his wife admired. Even in the plane where he was invited by Vladimir Vladimirovitch he showed this album to the president. He liked it so much in Moscow that one month later he arrived again – on his way back from Mongolia.

Today we meet as good old friends and have outlined future plans of cooperation with America. Besides, Steven Seagal’s grandfather is from Ukraine and his grandmother is a Buryat from Vladivostok. He wants to receive Russian citizenship and asked us to help him.


Tell us how collaboration between Korchma and School Sambo-70 began?

We always remember those who work in Korchma – from waiters to management, because these are our old friends. Firstly, we are common friends with the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Central Federal District – I am chairman of the public council, which also includes management of Korchma. Together we implement a good undertaking – MMA contests to commemorate those officers who died on duty. Korchma takes part in them from its own part. We conduct various contests in our sports school rather often, too. Also, most parents of our students went to our school and word of a good restaurant spreads fast. This makes it convenient and good for everybody.


There is such a notion as sports fraternity. Is this the reason why Vladimir Putin comes to visit the finals – he is a sportsman too, isn’t he?

Indeed. He feels absolute nostalgia and pull to the gym. On a regular basis he himself enters the tatami. I have seen this many times and I will tell you this – his working capacity is colossal, because spending one and a half hour on tatami for his age is serious load. We, sportsmen, notice his good physical form. The whole world is surprised at his working capacity. Even if you track the geography of his flights you will be amazed: it would take a week for a common man to recover one’s breath and get back on track. All this is possible because Vladimir Vladimirovitch has sports training.


What will happen to S-70 after the Sochi finals?

We would like to join together with everyone: М-1, S-70 and others and create one big MMA Federation. This will be a state structure under the auspices of the Ministry of Sports and World Sambo Organization. We are promoting Fedor Yemelyanenko as the leader of this association, he deserved it. The Federation will unite the best boys from all over the country. Thus we can become competitive in the international arena. This idea is supported at the highest level. It is even more than support, it is a directive.


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