Fall as Inspiration for Poets and Cooks

Fall is probably the most picturesque season worshipped in poetry. The sun still gives us its soft warmth, trees please the eyes with their bright colors, while fields and gardens share with us their bountiful harvest. This is a perfect time to store up on vitamins alongside with health for the long winter ahead.


Fruits and vegetables from a new harvest are especially rich in vitamins, minerals, and valuable dietary fibers. They are good for you if eaten raw, but also boiled, stewed, and roasted. Vegetable dishes combine a lot of beautiful, tasty, and healthy components that together result in a cooking masterpiece. Onions and garlic are indispensable in the fall diet. They are known for their anti-viral and antiseptic properties and prevent you from catching colds in the rain season.


The real autumn queen is the pumpkin. Its bright orange color improves you mood, and can be used harmoniously in both main courses and desserts. It can be boiled, baked, roasted, and grilled. Pumpkin can produce excellent soups, porridges, and jams. It can be roasted with meat, stewed with vegetables, used as an ingredient in pancakes, cakes, pies, or it may be combined with cottage cheese and honey in casseroles.


The benefits of pumpkin are astonishing, especially taking into account its very low calorie value: only 28 calories per 100 gram. Pumpkin is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins C, PP, E, B1, B2, as well as minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, ferrum, and others. It also contains the rare vitamin T, which accelerates metabolism, helps blood clotting, and produces blood plates. Thanks to such a composition, pumpkin is very good for your eyesight, heart, and vessels, for your stomach and intestines. Pumpkin dishes are part of many weight-loss diets, and they are recommended for gastritis. It also protects your skin from aging.  



Another symbol of the fall is mushrooms. Their taste and flavor will embellish any dish. You can easily add them to soups, salads, cutlets, and casseroles. You can fry them with potato and stuff pies with them, dry and pickle them. The taste of mushrooms is supported by their healthy effects. By their content of minerals they can be compared to fruits, by the content of carbohydrates to vegetables. By the content of protein, mushrooms are on a par with meat and they even have a second name “forest meat.” For vegetarians or the faithful keeping the fast, mushrooms is one of the main sources of protein.


Besides, mushrooms contain fats, vitamins (А, group В, D, Е, РР), and minerals (potassium, calcium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, sulfur, manganese). This set of elements produces a positive effect on your nervous system, blood production, heart, blood vessels, and also your hair, skin, and nails. The beta-glucans contained in mushrooms support the immune system and have an anti-cancer effect.    


All the gifts of autumn have their own benefits, but our special attention goes to those that allow you to store up on vitamins С, Е, А, D and of the B group. They keep your body going in the off-season period and help you adjust to the tricky autumn weather. Let’s see which produce contain these vitamins. 


Vitamin С  

It’s a main guardian of our immune system from various infections. Vitamin C is required for numerous metabolic processes in the human body. According to recent research, the deficit of ascorbic acid may lead to tumor development, especially breast cancer. Vitamin C is contained in all citrus fruits, black current, apples, cabbage (especially in the form of sauerkraut), bell pepper, garlic, pumpkin, ramsons, parsley, docks, rose hip.  

Vitamin Е

It is often called the youth vitamin because it protects the cells from premature aging—it maintains the elasticity and structure of skin. Vitamin E is also indispensable for hormonal metabolisms, maintaining women’s health. It is found in vegetable oils: olive, sunflower, flax, soy, corn, and pumpkin oil. Other products rich in vitamin E are sprouts, buckwheat, and veal liver.

Vitamin А

It is responsible for your skin and eyesight, it protects mucous membranes, and it stabilizes a hormonal state. Vitamin A is abundant in cranberries and carrots, as well as in liver, egg yolk, radishes, tomatoes, red bell pepper, pumpkin, and dairy products. Vitamin A is well-preserved after conservation, for example, in pickled tomatoes.

Vitamin D

It is required for good digestion of calcium so needed for healthy teeth and bones. Vitamin D also helps maintain the function of thyroid, heart, and blood vessels. This element is found in fatty sea fish (salmon, keta salmon, beluga sturgeon, etc.), cod liver, and tuna liver. Vitamin D is produced in our bodies under the sunlight.

The B group vitamins

Vitamin В6 is responsible for memory, and maintains immunity and intellect. B12 is good for blood creation. B9 strengthens the nervous system. B6 is contained in beans, nuts, pomegranate, bananas, sea buckthorn, and sea fish. B9 is contained in greens. B12 is part of buckwheat, eggs, veal liver and meat.   

All the above vitamins will help maintain your body healthy and strengthen your immune system to fight colds and other diseases, which is especially valuable in the fall and on the eve of winter.

What else should be included in the fall diet, besides vitamins?  

All products that help your intestinal activity. To avoid disbacteriosis which destroys your immune system from the inside, it is recommended to consume one fermented milk product a day: kefir, cottage cheese, yoghurt, etc. If you choose medium-fat products, you can maintain your health without damage to your figure.



Fall is not the time to reject all fats. They will keep you warm and energetic. Especially because there are so many healthy fats. You can consume them with fish, avocado, olive oil, nuts. Even pork lard, if consumed responsibly, may bring you only the benefits.

Autumn colds bring along cravings for something hot. To keep yourself warm, try soups. Vegetable, mushroom, herbal, and spicy soups will satiate your appetite and recharge your batteries.


Cloudy autumn days cannot go without hot tea and a dessert. You can add your summer herbs to your tea and drink it with home-made jam, honey, and dried fruits. They will improve your mood and bring benefit to your body.


You are welcome to enjoy the bounty and harmony of delicious fall produce by trying dishes from the new fall menu of Korchma Taras Bulba.

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