Culinary Workshops for Children

In Rus little children were taught how to cook. The children, especially the girls, always helped the mother when she baked fragrant bread, pampushky, or made cabbage rolls. They not only tried on the adult’s apron, but kept a close eye on the cooking process and the proportions that were used. After a while, a skillful cook and then a protector of the hearth and home grew up to help her mother. Centuries went by, but the tradition didn’t disappear. It is vigorously cherished by the Korchma Taras Bulba restaurant chain of home cooking in Moscow. Each Saturday and Sunday experienced chefs work for free with children of all ages, teaching them in workshops. They can knead dough and make varenyky with their own hands, bake a cake or fry cheese pancakes and try out a lot of other interesting recipes. Fortunately, there’s no other place in Moscow with such rich cuisine as Korchma; therefore, there are a lot of dishes to try out!

Teachers are sure that when parents open the world of cooking to their children they impart a range of good skills to them. First of all, this is the development of imagination and new discoveries, especially when your child is 2 to 4 years old. In this period children like mixing, sieving, and kneading. If it is like a game and under the supervision of a senior mentor, it’s very hard to overestimate the activity. Moreover, as a result we easily get simple shortcrust cookies or pies and for a child it is a double satisfaction. You will agree that there is nothing tastier than a dish cooked by yourself!

Second, strange as it might sound, when children cook it teaches them assiduity and numeracy. Because to be a good cook it isn’t enough just to have good taste. It’s necessary to have a sense of proportion. That’s why it is always interesting for children to measure something out or to weigh something independently or to roll out the dough by themselves, to shape muffins or cut a funny figure out of the dough. This focuses their attention and teaches them to follow specific logical actions to obtain a result. 

Third, the advantage concerns the very parents. While your child is engaged in this fascinating activity, you may relax in private and taste all the variety of dishes at our restaurants. Having enjoyed tasty food and drinks, only at Korchma you’ll understand how important the culinary art is! Only few restaurants possess it and we are among them! Therefore, bring your children and open up new horizons for them!

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