Restaurant Food Delivered to Your Couch. Korchma Steps Up its Delivery Service

Every one of us knows what it’s like to have a craving for something delicious but not be up to cooking something or going out to your favorite restaurant. And when the weather is bad you have even less motivation to leave your cozy apartment. This is when a delivery service comes in handy. Korchma Taras Bulba has offered delivery to Moscow residents for many years. In an effort to meet all our client’s needs, our delivery personnel work 24/7. We also have no limitations on the menu items that can be delivered to you. You can be at your home and order anything you like – from borscht to holubtsi, from salo to desserts. Irina Nikolayeva, our Chief of Delivery Service, talked to us about the most popular dishes, how long you need to wait for your order, and other behind-the-scene details.


Who Orders Delivery

On weekday mornings, the predominant group of delivery clients are office workers. 
This service is also popular among stay-at-home mothers who are not able to prepare several different meals, as well as among the elderly who find it hard to cook for themselves.


On the weekends, our major clients are young families with a busy schedule who prefer to spend time with their family and not in the kitchen.

The correlation of our delivery clients is 35 percent men and 65 percent women. 

Let me remind you that we work 24 hours seven days a week. I think our working hours and delicious cuisine are our main advantages since there aren’t so many restaurants in Moscow that deliver home-cooked meals.    



Delivery in Bad Weather

Rain, snow, and cold are the best weather conditions for delivery. When the weather gets bad, there are fewer clients in restaurants, and more delivery orders. Generally, fall and winter is the period when orders go up significantly. This can be explained by the end of the gardening season, end of vacations and holidays. When it’s cold outside, you want to eat more and warmer food. As opposed to light summer orders, the winter diet is more nutritious and substantial.
And with the end of summer come many holidays: City Day, Teacher’s Day, People’s Unity Day, the New Year, Christmas, etc. People want to celebrate at home, in the offices, in schools and universities.


Limitations and Top Orders
You cannot order alcohol because all distant sale of alcohol is prohibited by Russian legislation. The only exception is beer.


Most of the dishes are ordered from the main menu. These are borscht, different soups, salads, pickles, meat, fish, holubtsi and, naturally, salo. 

For our tiny clients we have prepared a wonderful children’s menu.

We also have a special banquet menu. For your celebrations and banquets, we offer you big servings, bright and nicely decorated dishes.

In the fall, we have a special pumpkin menu. 

We also try to be considerate of our clients’ religious beliefs. During fasting periods we have a special Lent menu.

After we started our own cheese factory, people began to order different dairy products: cheese, cottage cheese, butter, and sour cream.

Overall, we deliver all items on the menu with no limitations.  



Cost of Delivery

Delivery in the city of Moscow is provided by all 18 Korchma restaurants. We can also deliver beyond the Ring Road into Solntsevo and Odintsovo. The minimum cost of your order must be 1,000 rubles. Delivery within the Ring Road is free.   

All delivery orders beyond the Ring Road must be at least 5,000 rubles and delivery cost is 500 rubles. But our restaurants located at 6 Borovskoye Shosse (Solntsevo) and 122 Mozhayskoye Shosse (Odintsovo) can also deliver for free within their area.  


How to Make an Order  
Making an order is very simple. You just need to call our delivery service at 84957807744.
The operator will take your order and will answer all your questions. You can also use our service in our iPhone and Android apps and get a 5 percent discount.


Remember that when making your order on our website or app, you can pay with your credit card, and if you order carry-out, you will get 10 percent off the total amount. 


If you value your time or cannot come to our restaurant for other reasons, we will be happy to deliver your favorite dish right to your home.

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