Not Cooked at Home, but Sure Tastes Like It Was! Delivery of your desires from your favorite Korchma



The high pace of life, constant workload, and other troubles make us increasingly check our daily schedule. If earlier we could devote time to cooking culinary delights, then now for the most part there is no longer strength or desire for it. This is probably why food delivery in Russia is becoming increasingly popular. According to recent surveys, fifty-four percent of people use this service. And only five percent answered that they eat exclusively dishes prepared at home.


We work 24/7!


Food delivery is especially relevant in the autumn and winter, when it’s cold and wet outside and it becomes hard to leave the warmth of one’s apartment. That is why the couriers of the restaurant chain Korchma Taras Bulba work round-the-clock every day. And we do not have any restrictions on what can be delivered. So while sitting at home you can order virtually anything from our menu, from stuffed buns to kebabs, salads, cold appetizers, first and second courses and desserts.


In our many years of working in the market, we have gathered interesting statistics. We have noticed that on workdays, in the first half of the day, the delivery service is most often used by office workers. Also, the service is popular among housewives, women with small children, who for various reasons cannot cook several dishes at once, as well as the elderly, for whom it may be difficult to prepare food themselves.


On weekends, the main customers are young families with busy schedules, who prefer to spend time with their relatives, instead of toiling away in the kitchen.

As for who orders food home the most, then 35 percent are men and 65 percent are women.

In general, we work 24/7. This schedule plus delicious food must be our secret, as there are few restaurants that run on such a busy schedule in Moscow.



For us there is no such thing as bad weather!


A food delivery service is especially popular when it rains or snows. Fewer people visit our restaurants, but the number of home orders increases immediately.

Generally, orders are traditionally increased in the autumn-winter period. This is due to the end of the summer season, the season of vacations. When it’s cold, you want more hot dishes and larger portions. Unlike light summer orders, the winter diet is heartier and more nutritious. Holidays also begin with the end of the summer season: City Day, Teacher’s Day, New Year, Christmas and so on. People celebrate with feasts at home, in offices, in educational institutions.


From meat to a pumpkin menu and cheese and dairy products


We cannot deliver alcohol to our customers, because according to Russian law remote sales are prohibited. But we can deliver dishes for every taste! According to statistics, people especially order borscht, soups, salads, marinated vegetables, meat and fish, pirozhki and, of course, pork fat!

A special menu is our banquet menu. For celebrations and big holidays, it has large portions, bright, beautifully decorated dishes.

In the autumn we introduce the pumpkin menu. We care about people with religious beliefs. When the fast begins, we have a Lenten menu.

After opening our dairy at the Kozache farm, people also began to order dairy products: cheese, butter, sour cream. In general, we try to accept orders for any items from our menu, and we have a lot of them.



How to place an order?


Placing an order is not difficult at all. To do this, just call our delivery service at 8 (495) 780-77-44. The operator can answer all your questions. You can also make an order through our website or mobile app and receive a 5 percent discount.

If you can pick up an order yourself in one of our restaurants, then you receive a 10 percent discount! In addition, you can pay directly in cash or credit to the courier or on the site.

So, if you have little time or cannot visit our restaurant for one reason or another, keep in mind that we are happy to bring your favorite dish right to your home!

Welcome to the world of delicious, natural, and healthy food!

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