Phillips Motor Berlina Coupe: A Wonder Car

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When this retro car drives out into the street, it is met by a hailstorm of emotions both from amateurs and experienced motorists. This could be explained by the fact that this rare automobile – Phillips Motor Berlina Coupe – is not often seen around: only 90 cars drove off the car factory conveyor belt and out to all parts of the world. Now, car collectors dream about getting one of these cars.   This iron horse attracts attention because of its technical specifications: the American engineers combined two different automobiles in one – the 1937 legendary Mercedes 540K and the exclusive Corvette C3 Stingray. We talked about this miracle of design with Ukrainian collector Volodymyr Kulynych who owns the wonder car.  


The Automobiles History    


I bought my car two years ago in Ukraine. Its previous owner brought it here about eight years before and spent all that time renovating it. But he never finished the repairs as he did not have enough patience, and what’s more important – money. I decided to finish what the other owner started because I was really impressed with the rarity. I like retro cars, but this was something totally remarkable! On the outside – it’s a copy of Mercedes 540K, an old sports car very popular in the 1930s. Yet the underpinnings and everything else is more modern, from the 1980s. This is a C3 Chevrolet Corvette. It embodied everything that was best at that time in the American automobile engineering industry. It features A/C, powered windows, a fuel injected engine. I think this is a very successful combination because it makes the car easy and fast to drive, but it also looks awfully stylish.   


An extraordinary thing about it is that between 1980 and 1982 there were only 90 of such models released. They were designed by a car shop specializing in tuning cars. None of these cars could be found at car dealers – they were sold exclusively at auctions.


When I bought the car it was almost 70 percent ready. I spent quite a lot of time to finish it. I had to repair the engine, to replace all the electrical wiring, and so on.




Phillips Motor Berlina Coupe: Technical Characteristics


The Phillips Motor Berlina Coupe’s engine is quite powerful: 250 horsepower, it goes 0-100 km/h in some 5-6 seconds. To be honest, I never tried it because I understand that the car is old and I cherish it. The car is quite lightweight, the manufacturers made it of light and durable plastic. The inside is designed in a classic style, which is made of high-quality leather and walnut wood. The radio is mechanic but it has the first automatic frequency tuning! It was state-of-the-art technology at that time, produced by Baker. And of course, this type of radio was only installed in elite and very expensive cars.  


But the way one must drive this car is a bit unusual, you need some time to get used to it. Because of its very elongated front, the driver practically has to sit above the back wheel. As a consequence, driving this car is about 80 percent different from driving a regular automobile.  






Whenever I’m driving my baby and have to stop on the street, it gets instant attention from the passers-by. People take pictures, ask about technical characteristics, its top speed, its model, where I got it from. Of course, you don’t find lots of information on this car online, and here it is in flesh and blood! Honestly, all the positive emotions make me feel exhilarated, sometimes I only drive out on the street to get admiration. I was often offered tons of money to sell it, once I was offered a new Lexus in its stead, but I never accept these offers. You see that my Phillips Motor Berlina Coupe never lets me get bored!  



Technical Specifications


Engine: 5,700 sm3

Maximum capacity: 220 hp at 5,200 rpm

Maximum torque: 351 nm at 3,600 rpm

Maximum speed: 200 km/h

Acceleration: 0-96 km/h in 8.2 seconds



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