My Key from Yuriy Beloyvan. A new book from Bulba Press

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MY KEY is the author’s account of his achievements. He writes about the long way he has come from a hospital orderly and factory handyman to the owner of a million-dollar business. The book serves as a practical guide to self-discipline, time management, designing projects with an idea behind them, positive thinking, and transforming from a grumpy loser into a successful winner.  Bulba Press presents this new book, which was written by the CEO and founder of the restaurant chain Korchma Taras Bulba. After the book was launched, the author had a meeting with his readers. Here we are sharing some excerpts from his speech.

The story behind the book

A little while ago, I wrote a brochure called “The Key to Success.” But then time went by, circumstances changed, and it turned out that money and material goods were not the main thing in life. And so later I supplemented the brochure with a new chapter – “The Key to Happiness.” The people who read it told me I should think about expanding it. They said that even less successful businessmen write books and give advice: how to build your own business, how to live your life, etc. This is how the book My Key came to be. I wrote it for my employees when I learned that there were more than a thousand of them and I simply could not get my message across to them in any other way. To make the narrative more interesting, I added a few of my travel stories, in particular, about climbing Everest.

The purpose behind the book

When I conceived this book, I didn’t plan to sell it and make money on it. I wrote it primarily for my employees – for them to read it, to be more efficient, to help them and to help all of us make money together. My idea was to make this a practical and effective tool. 

The reception of the book

I have no idea how this book will be received because it is not very positive in the traditional sense. I wrote about the truth as I know it – people will steal from you, people will hate you. And it happens all your life. When you climb to the top of a mountain, even your closest friends will tell you: “Where do you think you’re going? Come down right now!” You never get a lot of support but you almost always get some negative remarks. I wrote about all of it. I even gave my readers a few tips as if I were preparing potential competitors. Later, unfortunately, my former employees open restaurants similar to mine but with a different name. When they fail, I am a little sad. I thought that my idea was very viable.  

Creativity and writing skills

People who know me well also know that I love to talk. I love to tell jokes and anecdotes – both terrifying and funny. At some point people started to tell me: “You should write them down, they are so cool!” This was why I wrote my first book The Fly. Why was it called that? Its opening short story is also called “The Fly.” It is about our drive in a Hummer from the Ferapontovo Monastery to Vologda and a fly who traveled with us in the car. This particular vehicle has an almost vertical windshield. So I was trying to explore the feelings of the fly sitting on the inside and watching other flies crash into the windshield on the outside. What does it feel when it sees all of that mess? Then I got other ideas. When you start to write, it’s very difficult to stop.

There is this wonderful book called The Right to Write. The woman who wrote it teaches writing workshops in the US. They have entire institutes that prepare future writers, future Booker prize winners. In her book, she suggests a few interesting exercises. One of them is to write in different places. Not in your office, but rather in a coffee shop with many people around. I got hooked on this idea. I like to write in public places in New York City with all the buzz around. Whenever I need to create a character, I just look around and find someone to base my character on. It’s not the same in our country. When I’m home where the conditions are perfect, where it’s peaceful and quiet, I can never come up with new ideas.  

Doing business

People tend to think that business is a club of selfish people who started an enterprise and now sit around and collect their profits by cheating others. This is a common stereotype in our society. In reality, the state of business is different. Business people sell their services. If no one requires that service, then no one wants to have what you’re offering. And you will get nothing in return.

When we were in school we had to sacrifice our time and diligence and attention to get good grades. Without it, you won’t get your education. The same is later repeated in college. As a result, you just need to find a person who requires your expertise, your qualifications, and who’s ready to pay money for it. Because many have their expertise, but not many people have money, and they are not keen on parting with it.  I remember my son and I were once driving in the US and saw a beggar with a sign on the sidewalk. I remember he was standing at a very slow turn, and there were many rich people passing by him. There were driving convertible cars so they didn’t even have to roll down the window. And yet, no one gave him anything. I asked my son: “Why do you think this is so?” And he replied: “Dad, you just don’t understand, people like their money, they don’t want to give it away…” That’s why if you want to start your business, you should look out for a moment when you’re ready to give something away that other people need and are ready to pay for it. When all the above conditions coincide, it brings both happiness and all the problems in your life.

My advice to the young generation

Whenever I speak to a young audience, they always ask me: “What advice would you give to people just starting in business?” I say: “Never take a loan from a bank. Find a person who doesn’t know how to spend his money, who will go and lose it in a casino or will spend it on women. Tell him that you have a good project. Pitch it to him, sell him your business plan. But be honest. And he will give you the money.”


“One of the key tasks before a manager as I see it is to get his message across to his employees. This idea will make a hundred people’s work meaningful and will lead them to victory.”

“Everyone should know one basic truth: the more the world needs you, the happier you will be.”

“As soon as your inner voice starts telling you: ‘Stop pushing yourself, you don’t know anything about it, it’s too late to learn, I’ll remember it anyway,” you should know that you’re on your way to a future full of regret and a biography in which there is nothing to be proud about.”

Caution! Reading books may change you! Change for the better with us.

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