Жан Рено в гостях у Корчмы

He rejected the role of agent Smith in the extremely popular movie The Matrix, but could not abstain from Ukrainian borscht and varenyky. The list…



Frédéric Beigbeder: Drugs Don’t Help Much With Writing, Except Maybe Ecstasy

He’s an esthete and party animal, a ladies’ man, and the most notorious writer in France, also read and admired all over the world. His…


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Top 100 Living Geniuses: Ukrainian Artist Ivan Marchuk

…Even at the age of 80 Ivan Marchuk still looks good. He wears the same hairstyle and exudes plenty of life energy. Ivan Marchuk is…


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20 Seasons of TNMK. TNMK Prepares for a Great Anniversary and Continues to Experiment

This year, one of the most popular Ukrainian bands Tanok Na Maidani Kongo (Dance on Congo Square) is turning 20 years old, or 20 seasons…



‘Tobacco and a Pipe Will Come in Handy for a Cossack on the Road…’

Diplomats smoke it to gain time for making important decisions; it was used to fight off diseases and sorrow; writers and scientists tried to find…



Vopli Vidopliasova and Horseradish Vodka for Folk Rock

On March 18 New York City hosted legendary rock band Vopli Vidopliasova, which celebrated its 30th anniversary. The concert bore a symbolic title XXX and…