Ducks are particularly tasty in the fall…

Duck is a traditional meal for holidays and dinner parties. This is because any meal prepared of it is not only delicious and festive, but…


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Recipe for a Sweet Tooth. How to Keep on Eating Sweets and Lose Weight

We have fantastic news for you: scientists from Tel-Aviv made a discovery that was long awaited by all sweets lovers in the world. It proves…



Eat Up Pumpkin!

Meet the pumpkin, a fall favorite of many restaurant menus around the world. If you hear someone say they don’t like pumpkin, it simply means…



Etiquette Rules for Eating Soup

Soup is quite a vernacular kind of meal and so it might seem there’s no difference how you eat it: you just dive in as…



Where there’s a cow in the yard, there’s food on the table!

Green meadows with lush grass, cool spring water, and fresh air – it is in the midst of this virgin nature that Korchma Taras Bulba…


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Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness: Ripe Melons and Watermelons

September is high season for melons and watermelons; it is the time they ripen naturally and acquire a full spectrum of taste and healthy effect….