Snacks: Culinary Art in Miniature

Cold snacks, which can be a light snack or an appetizer, add a special charm to the modern feast. An appetizer whets the appetite before…



Not Cooked at Home, but Sure Tastes Like It Was! Delivery of your desires from your favorite Korchma

The high pace of life, constant workload, and other troubles make us increasingly check our daily schedule. If earlier we could devote time to cooking…


форель жаренная

In the Morning in the River, in the Evening in the Oven: Trout – a Hobby and a Delicacy

Autumn is a great time to catch trout. This fish is considered an exquisite delicacy. Its delicate fillet is both delicious and very healthy. Fisherman…



Fall as Inspiration for Poets and Cooks

Fall is probably the most picturesque season worshipped in poetry. The sun still gives us its soft warmth, trees please the eyes with their bright…



Eat Well and Drink Your Wine – Have a Long Life!

A wine grape harvest is the main event for winemakers, the conclusion of summer. Different nations have different traditions and rituals connected with wine. They…



Bread is the Staff of Life

Many Christian holidays (Christmas, Maslenitsa, Easter, etc.) are associated with the tradition of baking. We like baked goods because they taste good, smell homey, and…