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    MY KEY is the author’s account of his achievements. He writes about the long way he has come from a hospital orderly and factory handyman…

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    Borsch is not only delicious, aromatic, healthy, but indeed a cult dish. It has been well said that “Life without borsch is like fish soup…

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    In Rus little children were taught how to cook. The children, especially the girls, always helped the mother when she baked fragrant bread, pampushky, or…

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    ассорти из сала 3  

    Salo (pork lard) is perhaps on top of the list of the national Ukrainian cuisine. Its popularity was always so great that it became one…


Alexader Petrov: “it’s a roller coaster with free-falling into Gogol’s character”

Mysticism, adventure, detective, and love story. One of the long-awaited summer premieres Egor Barnov’s Gogol: the Beginning was released on the 31st of August. It tells the story of a young writer Nikolai Gogol who tries to help investigator Yakov Guro solve a series of mysterious murders. After the premiere, viewers can expect three more films, and the filmmakers are sure that fans will impatiently look forward to the sequels. Alexander Petrov who played the lead in the film gave an exclusive interview to our newspaper and shared some of the most interesting facts about the project.



Fall as Inspiration for Poets and Cooks

Fall is probably the most picturesque season worshipped in poetry. The sun still gives us its soft warmth, trees please the eyes with their bright colors, while fields and gardens share with us their bountiful harvest. This is a perfect time to store up on vitamins alongside with health for the long winter ahead. Fruits and vegetables from a new harvest are especially rich in vitamins, minerals, and valuable dietary fibers. They are good for you if eaten raw, but also boiled, stewed, and roasted. Vegetable dishes combine a lot of beautiful, tasty, and healthy components that together result in a cooking masterpiece. Onions and garlic are indispensable in the fall diet.



Eat Well and Drink Your Wine – Have a Long Life!

A wine grape harvest is the main event for winemakers, the conclusion of summer. Different nations have different traditions and rituals connected with wine. They have to do both with making wine and drinking it. This drink is a perfect companion both during weekdays and holidays. It warms you up in the cold and cools you off in heat. Hippocrates used to prescribe wine as a treatment for headache. But scientific debates on the benefit and harm of this drink are still going on in our days.



Maksym Balandiukh: Nepalese Villages Remind Me of Taras Shevchenko’ Plots

With his camera over his shoulder, Ukrainian photographer Maksym Balandiukh has traveled around half the world. He’s been to the world’s conflict areas, he’s climbed the highest summits, and he’s showed to the world the life of people in the remote corners of civilization. A few years ago, he opened a photography school, which he named after the Argentinian football player Diego Maradona.



Congratulations! We’ve turned 870! The White-Stoned Moscow to celebrate its Birthday in September!

One of top ten metropolises in the world, the largest library in Europe, hundreds of museums and thousands of artifacts—this is just a short list of the city’s proudest achievements. Every year, the first weekend of September Moscow celebrates it City Day. This year, it is a jubilee – 870 years. Apparently, the White-Stoned City is much older but no one can say for sure when exactly it was founded.



Brave, Honest, and Straightforward, or Why Does Korchma Celebrate Cossack’s Day?

Almost each and every one of them wore a famous oseledets hairstyle, they could stop a horse on the fly or single-handedly engage in a combat with several infidels. The Cossacks are also known for being courageous bon vivants, good cooks, and magicians – kharakterniks who could do numerous supernatural things. Today it is hard to say whether they were true or imagined. But a multitude of historical sources state that “the free folk,” as the Ukrainian knights used to call themselves, had all the reasons to be feared and respected.