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    MY KEY is the author’s account of his achievements. He writes about the long way he has come from a hospital orderly and factory handyman…

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    Borsch is not only delicious, aromatic, healthy, but indeed a cult dish. It has been well said that “Life without borsch is like fish soup…

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    In Rus little children were taught how to cook. The children, especially the girls, always helped the mother when she baked fragrant bread, pampushky, or…

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    ассорти из сала 3  

    Salo (pork lard) is perhaps on top of the list of the national Ukrainian cuisine. Its popularity was always so great that it became one…


Fish Day

Fish dishes are delicious, healthy, and nutritious. And so fish is one of the most important foods in our diet, especially during the days of Lent. Fish tastes good no matter how it was prepared: fried, stewed, boiled, roasted, salted, smoked, and fresh or as an ingredient in other dishes. This leaves room for all sorts of culinary experiments.



French Towns: Following Tracks of the Perfumer, Picasso, and Nietzsche

If you have at least once visited a historic European town or village, then you know to expect a small magical town with its legends, great history, and great personalities that once lived there.



Culinary Maturity! Korchma Taras Bulba to Celebrate its 18th Birthday in March

All in all there are eighteen restaurants in Moscow, Kyiv, and New York. We have our own farm, cheese factory, and deli shops where people can buy not only organic food but also pre-cooked meals. We can boast about our publishing house Bulba Press, which publishes a lot of interesting books and periodicals. This is just a brief list of the achievements our chain of restaurants celebrates on its 18th birthday. In spite of various challenges facing the restaurant industry, we are excited about our holiday.



Sunny Caribbean Islands. Korchma employees return from the Dominican Republic

Last September and October our chain of restaurants held a competition for the best wine seller from The Simple Company. All employees received a sales plan and on the basis of the targets they reached, five winners were determined. The winners set off on a motivational journey to the seaside. Owing to the generous budget, they could afford to go as far as the Dominican Republic! Interestingly, the winners were able to choose the destination and time of their journey for themselves. They decided to briefly share their impressions with readers of our newspaper.



The Secrets of a Peninsula: 150 Years Ago Russia Sold Alaska

March 30, 1867, exactly 150 years ago, the territory of Russia decreased by more than half a million square kilometers. The Russian Emperor Alexander II decided to sell the Alaskan peninsula and a nearby group of islands to the United States. Negotiations between the two countries lasted for more than a year, and the agreementwas kept in great secrecy. At first fewer than ten people knew of it.



A Soviet Auto-Legend: The AMO-F15 Truck

The AMO-F15 was the first Soviet truck ever built. The first ten such vehicles were released November 7, 1924 – the anniversary of the Great October Revolution. They were assembled at the Moscow Automobile Plant, and were based on the Italian truck FIAT 15 Ter. However, the Soviet engineers made several significant changes to the design.