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    MY KEY is the author’s account of his achievements. He writes about the long way he has come from a hospital orderly and factory handyman…

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    Borsch is not only delicious, aromatic, healthy, but indeed a cult dish. It has been well said that “Life without borsch is like fish soup…

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    In Rus little children were taught how to cook. The children, especially the girls, always helped the mother when she baked fragrant bread, pampushky, or…

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    ассорти из сала 3  

    Salo (pork lard) is perhaps on top of the list of the national Ukrainian cuisine. Its popularity was always so great that it became one…


Legumes: A Staple of Culinary Masterpieces

The taste and nutritional value of legumes were appreciated many thousands years ago: one of the frescoes in Ancient Egypt portrays a pharaoh holding a branch of a chickpea plant. In present times, different world cuisines use such legumes as beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, dal (Indian peas), black gram, and soy. Their primary nutritional value is their high content of vegetable protein and dietary fiber.



Our History. Arsenalna — The Deepest Metro Station in the World

There are many metro stations with impressive architecture and design. Some of them are so beautiful or have such an interesting story that they are included in tours. But only one of them can boast the title of the deepest and it is located in Kyiv. It is Arsenalna Station, which lies at a depth of 105 meters!



Maslenitsa or Butter Week: An Orthodox Carnival!

Butter Week is one of the favorite feasts of the Slavic peoples. This is hardly a surprise as it lasts an entire week and is accompanied by delicious food, games, entertainment, and time spent with family and friends. Due to the scale of the feast and its traditions, Butter Week is often compared to the carnivals that take place at about the same time in Western Europe.



What’s the Point of Having a Boat If You Don’t Leave the Harbor. Pavlo Rezvoy: Across Two Oceans on a Row Boat

He holds a world record, he is a living legend, and one of the most extreme travelers on Earth. At age 65 the Ukrainian man Pavlo Rezvoy sailed alone across the Atlantic Ocean in a boat made of plywood. The trip lasted more than sixty days and covered more than five thousand kilometers.



Saint Valentine: A Gift for Everyone in Love. The History and Interesting Facts about the Most Romantic Holiday of the Year

Red hearts, winged Cupids with bows, colorful balloons, flowers and happy smiles – every winter, on the 14th of February, we find ourselves among these symbols of the most romantic holiday of the year, St Valentine’s. Moreover, it is celebrated in almost every country of the world.



The Burnt Manuscript, or Why Gogol Burned the Second Volume of Dead Souls

On February 24, 1852, Mykola Gogol burned the manuscript of the second, almost completed volume of Dead Souls, which he had been working on for almost ten years. This happened in Moscow, in the house on Nikitsky Boulevard, which belonged to Count Alexander Tolstoy. It was he who sheltered the forever unsettled and lonely writer and did everything to make him feel as comfortable as possible.